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libreoffice-style-breeze - office productivity suite -- Breeze symbol style
breeze - Default Plasma theme (Metapackage)
breeze-cursor-theme - Default Plasma cursor theme
breeze-dev - Default Plasma theme (development files)
breeze-gtk-theme - GTK theme built to match KDE's Breeze
breeze-icon-theme - Default Plasma icon theme
breeze-icon-theme-rcc - RCC resources for the breeze icon theme
compass-breakpoint-plugin - really simple media queries with Sass
compass-h5bp-plugin - Sass mixins for HTML5 Boilerplate
compass-layoutgala-plugin - Sass mixins implementing the Layout-gala CSS styles
compass-normalize-plugin - Sass version of Normalize.css
golang-github-bluebreezecf-opentsdb-goclient-dev - Go client for OpenTSDB REST API
grub-theme-breeze - Breeze theme for GRUB 2
gtk3-engines-breeze - Transitional package for KDE's Breeze
kde-style-breeze - Widget style for Qt and KDE Software
kwin-style-breeze - KWin Breeze Style
libapp-fatpacker-perl - module to pack dependencies onto script files
libjs-vue-router - official router for Vue.js
libqqc2breezestyle-dev - development files for Breeze inspired QQC2 Style
libsass-dev - C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler - development headers
libsass1 - C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler
lubuntu-grub-theme - Theme for Lubuntu grub screen
monitoring-plugins-standard - Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (standard)
node-mqtt-packet - parse and generate MQTT packets
phinger-cursor-theme - The most over-engineered cursor theme
plymouth-theme-breeze - Breeze theme for Plymouth
qml-module-org-kde-qqc2breezestyle - Breeze inspired QQC2 Style
qt5ct - Qt5 Configuration Utility
ruby-fog-local - Module for the 'fog' gem to support local filesystem storage
ruby-fog-xml - XML parsing for fog providers
ruby-will-paginate - Pagination for Rails
sassc - C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler - command-line tool
sddm-theme-breeze - Breeze SDDM theme
tcl-awthemes - Dark and light themes for Tk
xfwm4-theme-breeze - Breeze theme files for xfwm4