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adwaita-icon-theme - default icon theme of GNOME (small subset)
hicolor-icon-theme - default fallback theme for icon themes
humanity-icon-theme - Humanity Icon theme
libxcursor1 - X cursor management library
adwaita-icon-theme-full - default icon theme of GNOME
breathe-icon-theme - A fresh and modern icon theme for Ubuntu
breeze-icon-theme - Default Plasma icon theme
breeze-icon-theme-rcc - RCC resources for the breeze icon theme
budgie-desktop-environment - Desktop environment customisation for Ubuntu Budgie
deepin-icon-theme - Icon Theme for Deepin software and Deepin Desktop Environment
elementary-icon-theme - simple and appealing Tango-styled icon theme
elementary-xfce-icon-theme - elementary icon theme modified for Xfce
faba-icon-theme - Tango influenced icon theme called Faba
faenza-icon-theme - Faenza icon theme
fdpowermon-icons - icons for fdpowermon
gnome-brave-icon-theme - blue variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-dust-icon-theme - chocolate variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-human-icon-theme - orange variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-humility-icon-theme - humility icon theme
gnome-icon-theme - GNOME Desktop icon theme
gnome-icon-theme-gartoon - Gartoon icon theme for GTK+
gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux - Cartoon-style SVG icon theme based on Gartoon
gnome-icon-theme-gperfection2 - icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
gnome-icon-theme-nuovo - Dropline Nuovo icon theme
gnome-icon-theme-suede - Suede GTK+ icon theme
gnome-icon-theme-yasis - YASIS (Yet Another Scalable Icon Set)
gnome-illustrious-icon-theme - pink variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-noble-icon-theme - purple variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-wine-icon-theme - red variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
gnome-wise-icon-theme - green variation of the GNOME-Colors icon theme
human-icon-theme - Human Icon theme
lxde-icon-theme - LXDE standard icon theme
mate-icon-theme - MATE Desktop icon theme
moka-icon-theme - Tango-esque desktop icon set called Moka
numix-icon-theme - modern icon theme from the Numix project
numix-icon-theme-circle - Circle icon theme from the Numix project
obsidian-icon-theme - Intuitive Faenza-like icon theme
oxygen-icon-theme - Oxygen icon theme
paper-icon-theme - simple and modern icon and cursor theme
papirus-icon-theme - Papirus open source icon theme for Linux
pocillo-icon-theme - Flat but colorful icon-set called Pocillo
pop-icon-theme - Pop Icons
sugar-icon-theme - Sugar Learning Platform - icon theme
suru-icon-theme - Ubuntu Suru Icon theme
tangerine-icon-theme - Tangerine Icon theme
tango-icon-theme - Tango icon library
tango-icon-theme-common - Tango Icon theme - common icons
tango-icon-theme-extras - Extra icons for Tango
ubuntu-mate-icon-themes - Icon themes for Ubuntu MATE
ubuntustudio-icon-theme - Ubuntu Studio Icon Theme
unity-asset-pool - Unity Assets Pool
xubuntu-icon-theme - Xubuntu icon theme (transitional package)