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Elementary OS



  • switchboard
  • switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell
apt-cache search switchboard
io.elementary.switchboard.wacom - Wacom plug for Switchboard
libswitchboard-2.0-0 - Modular Settings Hub - shared libraries
libswitchboard-2.0-dev - Modular Settings Hub - development files
switchboard - Modular Settings Hub
switchboard-plug-a11y - Accessibility plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-about - About plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-applications - Default and Startup Applications plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-bluetooth - Bluetooth plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-datetime - Date & Time plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-display - Switchboard plug for display settings
switchboard-plug-keyboard - Switchboard plug for keyboard settings
switchboard-plug-locale - Region & Language plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad - Mouse/Touchpad plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-networking - Manage network connections
switchboard-plug-notifications - Change notification settings
switchboard-plug-online-accounts - Online Accounts plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell - Change desktop settings
switchboard-plug-parental-controls - Manage Screen Time & Limits
switchboard-plug-power - Power plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-printers - Printers plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-security-privacy - Manage security and privacy
switchboard-plug-sharing - Change media sharing settings
switchboard-plug-sound - Sound plug for Switchboard
switchboard-plug-useraccounts - Manage local user accounts
switchboard-plug-users - Manage local user accounts (dummy package)
pantheon-tweaks - Change hidden desktop settings
pantheon-tweaks-dbg - Change hidden desktop settings (debugging symbols)


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