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pamac search xcursor


xorg-xcursorgen                                                                   1.0.7-2     extra
    Create an X cursor file from PNG images
lib32-libxcursor                                                                  1.2.0-1     multilib
    X cursor management library (32-bit)
libxcursor                                                            [Installed] 1.2.0-2     extra
    X cursor management library
xcursor-vanilla-dmz                                                               0.4.5-2     community
    Vanilla DMZ cursor theme
xcursor-themes                                                                    1.0.6-2     extra Cursor themes
xcursor-premium                                                                   0.3-10      community
    Premium X Cursor Theme
xcursor-pinux                                                                     0.3-13      community
    Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme
xcursor-neutral                                                                   1.13a-9     community
    A smoothed and shadowed X cursors theme
xcursor-maia                                                                      20160417-2  community
    Cursor theme - part of the Manjaro Maia set
xcursor-flatbed                                                                   0.4-3       community
    Flatbed XCursor Theme
xcursor-comix                                                                     0.9.2-1     community
    Comix X Cursor Theme
xcursor-chameleon-pearl-deepin                                                    0.5-5       community
    Chameleon X Cursor Theme (pearl flavour)
xcursor-chameleon-pearl                                                           0.5-5       community
    Chameleon X Cursor Theme (pearl flavour)
xcursor-bluecurve                                                                 0.1.1-7     community
    Redhat's Bluecurve X mouse cursor theme
xcursor-vanilla-dmz-aa                                                [Installed] 0.4.5-2     community
    Vanilla DMZ AA cursor theme
xcursor-simpleandsoft                                                 [Installed] 0.2-9       community
    A simple and soft X cursor theme
xcursor-breeze                                                        [Installed] 5.11.5-1    community
    KDE5 cursor theme


pamac search xcursor -a