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vertex-maia-icon-theme                                               20180118-1               community
    Icons matching Vertex Maia themes, based on Menda Circle
tela-icon-theme                                                      202010121-1              community
    A flat colorful design icon theme.
plane-icon-theme                                                     2.0-1                    community
    A simple iconset, preferably used in Gnome. Love/Inkscape/Gnome.
paper-icon-theme-git                                                 746.04115106-1           community
    Paper is an icon theme for GTK based desktops and fits
    perfectly the paper-gtk-theme
mate-icon-theme-faenza                                               1.20.0-2                 community
    Faenza icon theme for MATE
mate-icon-theme                                                      1.24.0-1                 community
    MATE icon theme
masalla-icon-theme                                                   1.2-1                    community
    A flat design icon theme by Hayder Majid
maia-xfce-icon-theme                                                 0.4.3-1                  community
    Maia icon theme for XFCE
maia-icon-theme                                                      1.2-1                    community
    Maia icon theme
lxde-icon-theme                                                      0.5.1-5                  community
    LXDE default icon theme based on nuoveXT2
luv-icon-theme                                               community
    The spiritual successor to Flattr, a flat but complex icon
    theme for freedesktop environments.
gnome-icon-theme-extras                                              3.12.0-5                 community
    Extra GNOME icons for specific devices and file types
faenza-icon-theme                                                    1.3.1-6                  community
    Icon theme designed for Equinox GTK theme
evopop-icon-theme                                                    0.11.r0.gbf7b5373-1      community
    A simple icon theme with some google material design
    inspiration for Solus OS and Budgie Desktop
elementary-icon-theme                                                5.3.1-1                  community
    Named, vector icons for elementary OS
deepin-icon-theme-manjaro                                            2021.03.12-1             community
    Deepin Icons themed for Manjaro
deepin-icon-theme                                                    2021.03.12-1             community
    Deepin Icons
breeze-maia-icon-themes                                              5.63.0-1                 community
    Breeze icon themes with Maia colors
breath-icon-theme                                                    0.4.0-3                  community
    breath icon theme
breath-dark-icon-theme                                               0.4.0-3                  community
    breath dark icon theme
breath2-icon-themes                                                  1.0.13-1                 community
    breath2 icon theme
awoken-icon-theme-light                                              2.5.1-1                  community
    Coloured AwOken icon set for GNOME/XFCE/LXDE
awoken-icon-theme                                                    2.5.1-1                  community
    Coloured, dark and white icon sets for GNOME/XFCE/LXDE
arc-maia-icon-theme                                                  20161122-4               community
    Arc icon theme Manjaro variant.
arc-icon-theme                                                       20161122-3               community
    Arc icon theme Official.
papirus-maia-icon-theme                                  [Installed] 20200702-1               community
    Manjaro variation of Papirus icon theme
papirus-icon-theme                                       [Installed] 20210601-1               community
    Papirus icon theme
hicolor-icon-theme                                       [Installed] 0.17-2                   extra
    Freedesktop.org Hicolor icon theme
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic                                [Installed] 3.12.0-6                 extra
    GNOME icon theme, symbolic icons
gnome-icon-theme                                         [Installed] 3.12.0-6                 community
    GNOME icon theme
adwaita-icon-theme                                       [Installed] 40.1.1-1                 extra
    GNOME standard icons


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