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Leader Key

Key Map Notice
, for main use vim , orginal had function
\ for sub use vim leader default is backslash
t for TabPage vim t orginal had function

About orginal , and t, please read vim f, F, t, T, ;, ,.

Please read :help normal-index

Please read :help ,

Please read :help t

I use (,) and (t) for my leader key.

Quick Switch

Key Map Description
<Backspace> C-w W To Previous Window
<Tab> C-w w To Next Window
<Ctrl+k> :bprevious<CR> To Previous Buffer
<Ctrl+j> :bnext<CR> To Next Buffer
<Ctrl+h> :tabprevious<CR> To Previous TabPage
<Ctrl+l> :tabnext<CR> To Next TabPage

Window Resize

Key Map
<S-Down> <C-w>-
<S-Up> <C-w>+
<S-Left> <C-w><
<S-Right> <C-w>>

Delete Buffer

Key Map Description Notice
,q :bdelete<CR> delete current buffer single
,x :%bdelete<CR> delete all buffer all
,z :bdelete!<CR> force delete current buffer single
,c :%bdelete!<CR> force delete all buffer all


Key Map Description Notice
\q :q<CR> quit single
\x :qa<CR> quit all all
\z :q!<CR> force quit single
\c :qa!<CR> force quit all all

Please read :help ‘confirm’.


Key Map Description Notice
,h :hide<CR> hide current buffer single

Compare with ,x, ,c, \x, \c, ,h


Key Map Description
,wa :only<CR> to close other window, then all buffer will hide, if set hidden.
twa :tabonly<CR> wa to close other tabpage, then all buffer will hide, if set hidden.

Buffer List

Key Map Description
,b :ls<CR> Show all buffers.


Key Map Description Notice
<S-Tab> :w<CR> Write the whole buffer to the current file. Work on Normal Mode and Insert Mode


Key Map Description
ts :tab split<CR> Opens current buffer in new tab page
tg :tabnew<CR> New TabPage
tf :tabnew<CR>:edit<Space> New tabpage and wait for user input file path
te :tabedit<Space> Edit file on new tabpage.

Switch TabPage

Key Map Description
tp :tabprevious<CR> To Previous TabPage
tn :tabnext<CR> To Next TabPage
Key Map Description
th :tabprevious<CR> To Previous TabPage
tl :tabnext<CR> To Next TabPage
tj :tabfirst<CR> To First TabPage
tk :tablast<CR> To Last TabPage

Compare with Quick Switch <Ctrl+h> and <Ctrl+l> .

Tab Move

Key Map Description
tu :-tabmove<CR> Tab Move to Left
ti :+tabmove<CR> Tab Move to Right
Key Map Description
tmh :-tabmove<CR> Tab Move to Left
tml :+tabmove<CR> Tab Move to Right
tmj :0tabmove<CR> Tab Move to First
tmk :$tabmove<CR> Tab Move to Last

Line Move

Key Map Description Notice
<S-PageUp> :m-2<CR> Move line up. Work on Normal Mode and Insert Mode
<S-PageDown> :m+<CR> Move line Down. Work on Normal Mode and Insert Mode